Autumn queen

Autumn queen
Autumn queen

Autumn queen novomatic

Autumn queen slot game presented by novomatic. Games that are designed very attractively make you like it and continue to play without stopping. Because the title of the game is autumn queen, this game uses a beautiful woman who has many unexpected charms. The appearance of a woman who has red hair in a beautiful autumn-like style.

Games that use lots of fun symbols and have themes that make people want to play for a long time. Autumn in a place or city that has 4 seasons may be able to feel the name of the season full of falling flowers on the road. For those who have never seen autumn, you can visit the beautiful autumn queen game. There will provide symbols full of fall themes.

Game symbol

Hydrochlorothiazide25mgtab – Playing the autumn queen game will give a very interesting impression so you can enjoy exciting games with interesting symbols. Having a total of 5 reels gives a variety of very special symbols. Win the game as much as 40 wins that gamers can get easily.

In the game not only red-haired women but also some animals that will also appear in the game such as: wild, ball of light, bear, eagle, photo of red-haired woman, deer, and card symbols [ 10, J, Q, K, and As]. The wild sign will replace all symbols except the scatter. Scatter comes in the form of a ball of light that can show strength and give a lot of wins.

the leaves that fly to win//fall

Free spins

The most exciting thing when playing the autumn queen game you will get a lot of free spins. To be able to get a lot of free spins, gamers must get the same scatter symbol. The amount you get is 80 times free spins. It’s really fun not to play games by finding lots of values ​​and coins.

While still in free spins, if gamers get a large number of scatters, they will also get additional free spins. The chance to win is getting closer even though this autumn game there is no jackpot game, it doesn’t matter. Because they already have many prizes available in the autumn queen game, gamers don’t have a problem if they don’t get the jackpot.

chosen symbol of autumn leaves

The reels will continue to spin even though they have entered the free spins round, the screen on the reels will present several fallen leaves to cover certain reels when open, the fallen leaves will show the symbol and at the same time expand the symbol. When you get a photo of a red-haired woman appearing in the leaves, it will make a partial roll of a full photo of a woman. This will make you get a lot of value and coins.

It’s interesting not to enjoy the game with autumn nuances, it will give you pleasant playing memories. If you want to play the game, you don’t need to be complicated anymore because the autumn game can also be played using a cellphone. Mobile phones that can be taken anywhere will make it easier for you to be able to play as much as you like.

Auto game play

Prepare a lot of money to play the game autumn queen. This game, which can only be played using real money, will immediately pay you real money when you reach a high coin value. In the autumn game, if you manage to get a photo of a red-haired woman, your score will immediately increase. If you want to enjoy a more exciting game, you can press the game automatically. The game will spin by itself and form symbols and make you win quickly without having to press play.